Product Design – Smart Building

Sitemap & user journeys / mobile app / desktop dashboard / bespoke CMS / iPad app / bespoke rewards scheme / social media campaign / graphic design

Savvy is a small start-up which provides digital products for smarter buildings based on real-time data to improve tenants/employees and building owners experience.

I took over the projects as the UI/UX designer of a new team. The client had a product but acknowledged the many flaws in the code, UX and UI. Not to alienate the existing users, I opted for an initial hybrid design, keeping some elements for the previous design and adding and improving the parts that have not been functioning. Rolling out new features and improvements as part of an agile work flow.

The challenge was to create a future prove concept that can evolve in fast moving start-up environment.

Sitemap & User journeys

Mobile app

The mobile app provides a communication platform for tenants/employees of a building.

Desktop dashboard

The desktop app delivers day-to-day activity data of the building so help cost efficiency and improve the work environment. Analytics and stats give the building landlord, building manager and employer an overview of the building usage such as occupancy levels, user flow heat maps and granular detail of desk and room usage and air quality.

Rewards feature for mobile app

As part of the second phase of the project we introduced a feature to empower employees to give peer to peer rewards in the form virtual badges.

Bespoke retail CMS

This is a CMS to add and manage local restaurant and retail offers, which are displayed and posted through the 2 online portals (desktop and mobile app).

Visitor management iPad app

Design for an iPad app to manage visitors checking in and out for a meeting.

Social media campaign visuals

Start-up projects often don’t need extensive marketing campaigns to promote their products but a good social media campaign that visually and conceptually ties in with the brand.

Print collaterals

Design of a set of print collaterals for marketing materials like postcard flyers, brochures, stand-up banners, conference stalls as well as stickers.

Style & module guide

I like to create a style guide manually while working on a project despite all the tools provided. 

White label samples

One key aspect of the business model was to be able to white label the mobile app to the building owners branding.