ILH – Persona / Couple


Diane and Dave Bingham

Teacher, Bus driver

Age:                                  67 & 69

Income:                            Pension, both

Location:                          Hull

Tech:                                 Microsoft phone, iPad

Comfort with tech:         Low


They are in town to visit a family member in hospital and combine it with a stay in the capital. They have been in town a few times so they know how to get around. They would like to book theater ticket trough the hotel. They are looking for an offer perhaps with a meal included. They would also like to have some tea and sandwiches and dinner in one of the restaurants after the visit to the hospital. They might have a few questions during they stay and require reception staff to be on site at check-in.

Pain points

To have a contact person at reception they can as questions.

To not find a nice restaurant in the arear around the hotel.

 To find a competitive price.


To have comfortable stay in a clean room, where they don’t have to organize the essentials.

Lewis Mackenzie

Technology Consultant

Margret Kipling

Travel Agent

Jane Phillips

Hospitality Reservations Manager