ILH – Persona / Agent


Margret Kipling

Travel Agent

Age:                                  29

Income:                            Profit based

Location:                          Dundee

Tech:                                 Dell laptop, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy for work

Comfort with tech:         High


She is regularly booking for large groups of Italian language students. Hence why she needs to be able to do group bookings with the option to call someone at the hotels reservation team. She also needs a special price that’s only available for booking agents. She needs a variation of room types… single, double, twin and triple ideally all on the same floor. Check-in for the students need to be all at the same time. The hotel needs to have a space for buses to stop to drop off the guests. The students ll need god public transport connection. They ll need to get their pre-booked sightseeing bus tour tickets handed in at check-in. Margret ll need an invoice for ll rooms and tickets.

Pain points

To organize all the rooms, what if there is a cancelation from the students?

Invoice needs to be up-to-date after the groups stay.

All tickets need to be ready when the group arrives.


That everything is organized and ready for her clients the students and that they have fabulous and memorable stay

Diane and Dave Bingham

Teacher, Bus driver

Lewis Mackenzie

Technology Consultant

Jane Phillips

Hospitality Reservations Manager