ILH – Online room booking

The heart of the website is the online room booking. We revisited all aspects of the process and created a new logic and transparent user-experience.


The booking flow of the old website was clunky and not-intuitive and needed a new user experience flow. This part was challenging as there are many complex platform restrictions, it needed to tie in with Opera e.g. offers had to be displayed in a certain way to be displayed in the price search results.

For me the main important part was to have an intuitive and transparent booking flow. Having an booking summery, status bars and open navigation achieved that.

We created a new sophisticated “My accounts” section. For the user to have an the flexibility to amend, deleted, copy, email etc their booking. This was the most difficult part of the project so far.


MY ROLES:  Concept  /  Wireframes  /  UX  /  User Interface Design