ILH – Persona / Reservation


Jane Phillips

Hospitality Reservations Manager

Age:                                  51

Income:                            £34.000

Location:                          London

Tech:                                 Dell desktop, Android phone

Comfort with tech:         Medium


Jane working for the hotel for 15 years. She likes her team and her job and is used to work in certain way. She needs the new online reservation software tool to be easy to understand. She needs to be reassured that the new CMS is more intuitive that the old system so she would really like a training or workshop to get to know the tool.

Pain points

That the new software is complicated.

That she ll not learn it fast enough.


She needs to have a tool that can do all the functions of the old one but better, so she can be more efficient.

Diane and Dave Bingham

Teacher, Bus driver

Margret Kipling

Travel Agent

Lewis Mackenzie

Technology Consultant