ILH – Reservation software

This desktop software provides the in-house reservation team an interface to log and amend group/agent bookings as well as a total overview of all bookings for over 3000 rooms.

This project in ongoing and I can’t reveal much information. The designs are from the first sprint of the redesigns.

The design needed to be fairly neutral as it will be white labelled in the future. There was not much UX work as the functionality was based on Opera platform. It was most important to design a user interface that is intuitive and quick to use for the inhouse team. An open booking queue will enable the staff to always be aware of bookings from the whole team.

I had the pleasure to do real user testing after the first release. This is the my most favourite part of any project to witness users to interact with my creation….particularly when they are happy and excited that the product we created will make their life easier.

MY ROLES:   User Interface Design